Catching Up on the Past Week

….. this and that…… nothing in particular……

About one week ago there was still a lot of slime play happening.  That’s kind of lost it’s novelty for the time being.  

Gabe chopping vegetables for tropical gazpacho.

Zach’s turn to wash dishes.

A busy kitchen.  Zach at the dishes, Gabe blending the gazpacho, Magali and Ben making carrot muffins….

Noah and Mommy after a frog hunt.  It seems like whenever I go to the pond with Noah I end up coming back wet up to my knees, covered in mud, and no frog to show for it! 

A bug mask out of an old Chirp magazine (far left) inspired some custom insect and arachnid masks.


DSC_0039.jpg On the weekend I finally finished setting the sewing stuff up in the living room. (I’ll never use it in the basement.) Then I converted an old pair of hole-in-the-knee jeans into a pair of maternity capris.  I used a “tummy sleeve” from Motherhood maternity for the top.   I didn’t like it all that much for it’s intended use (to where over pants that you can’t do up anymore), but I like it now!  

Ben got involved by sorting buttons.

Zach got involved by sewing a drawstring bag.

Gabe was busy painting figurines with his Pa. 

This brings us to Monday…. the morning I started vomiting. Graeme and Magali had both been sick a couple of days before.  Monday evening – Zach’s turn.  By Tuesday I was able to eat and starting to feel better.  Zach was still pretty sick.  I saw my midwife in the afternoon.  I’m measuring normal for dates.  Baby’s heartbeat was loud and clear at 160 BPM.  (I’m already thinking this means “girl” because all my boys were 130 to 135 every time.) According to the scale there, I’ve gained one HALF a pound.  I consider this to be an impossibility!  I can’t have redistributed THIS much weight without having gained any!  Something is amiss. 


DSC_0044.jpgEven in the rain, Noah has been happy to take the dog for walks with me over the last couple of days.  We gear up in raincoats and rubber boots and off we go.  This morning we finally had success catching a frog and we brought it back for everyone to see.  

Finishing up supper tonight, Zach said, “I think we should all go outside.  It’s looking nicer out and I think the fresh air will do us good!”  He was so right.  I’m not sure what it was today, but many moods matched the weather.  Arriving at the pond Zach spotted this tiny painted turtle.  Très exciting!  



Our little outing was just in time.  More dark clouds drifted in, rain started again….. we had just enough time to gather some things for a temporary turtle home.  We’ll keep him/her for a couple of days for observation and then release it. 

These flowers just bloomed at the pond.  

Ben and Zach spent a lot more time with their new little friend.

It’s hard to believe this was all within a week’s span, because the few sick days seemed to last forever.  So far, Ben, Gabe, and Noah have been sick free.  I hope it stays that way.  (Alternatively, I want them to all get it quickly…. before our upcoming trip!)

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3 Responses to Catching Up on the Past Week

  1. paisleytrusdale says:

    lovely to catch up on the news! see you soon!!
    PS … where’s your blog role? it’s missing!

  2. grandma betty says:

    good grief—will the sicknesses never end?????? hope all are feeling better soon—me

  3. Angie says:

    Paisley… that is a good question. I have no idea what happened to my blogroll, but I’ll try to bring it back. I didn’t do anything to remove it.

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