One of Those Days


  • yesterday
  • morning
  • about to leave home with three boys
  • insatiably hungry
  • “baby” boy has a giant poop
  • not quite so hungry
  • don’t want to leave Magali with him for the first time with a giant poop in a cloth diaper
  • ….on top of the fact that he is in hysterics about being left behind
  • hungry again
  • finally leave with youngest son screaming for me and screaming (hitting, yelling, punching) at all attempts of distraction or comfort offered by new au pair
  • pick up two more boys
  • arrive at university, miraculously, on time – even after parking
  • get lost trying to find a building that nobody on campus seems to know exists
  • arrive fifteen minutes late, but are told we barely missed anything because they just started
  • chemistry demos and experiments were a hit
  • hungry, hungry, HUNGRY
  • return extra boys to their home
  • two of my boys stay for the afternoon, third boy is bawling
  • at home…. I’m starving.  STARVING.  Gobble up some food and put two boys (still recovering from cold that has settled comfortably in their chests) down for naps
  • closed my eyes to doze on a chair….for a few minutes.  CRASHED.  For much longer than planned.
  • woke up feeling groggier and foggier than ever
  • hungry, can’t seem to get enough today
  • must pick up big boys…. in rush hour traffic, because I slept too long
  • what am I making for dinner?
  • big boys have idea – clam pasta.  Easy.
  • grocery store for some … uh… groceries
  • Zach makes pasta sauce
  • Gabe spreads garlic butter on bread
  • Mommy burns garlic bread
  • then while trying to get the smoking morsels out of the house, drops one on clean laundry on the couch and the other on the carpet…. because I was burning my hand
  • smoke alarm starts – I don’t know how to turn them off because they are wired (not battery)
  • time to drain pasta – drop LOTS of it in the sink.  Sink happens to be disgusting.
  • trying not to cry
  • husband calls to say he won’t be home until late
  • put more garlic bread in oven
  • watch closely!
  • supper was good
  • everyone was in bed in pretty good time
  • Mommy went to bed a little earlier than usual
  • Mommy feels a lot better today
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10 Responses to One of Those Days

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  2. iris says:

    I’m so glad the next day was better! Sigh. We’ve all had THOSE days. And, you should carry some good hefty snacks in your bag or van! I’m always grumpy if I’m too hungry.

  3. el burro says:

    whew….what a day! glad they’re not all like that…

  4. Robyn says:

    Oh my, by the time you were trying not to cry, I could have almost cried for you! 🙂 I’m glad that day is over… and hopefully this one’s going better! TGIF

  5. Robyn says:

    (…by TGIF I meant that hopefully G will be home…not that you get a day off…)

  6. Donna says:

    Whew. our first guest kind of reminds me of you. He has 6 children with the first 4 being girls and the last 2 being boys. He said he was a little sad that the 5th child wasn’t a girl. They had the 6 kids in 10 years…how is that possible.

  7. grandma betty says:

    sounds like the day from you know where—hope the boys are better soon physically and that you start taking better care of YOU too. And I thought i tried to cram too much into one day—good luck—bet

  8. meagger says:

    Growing that baby (babies?) takes soooooo much energy in the first few months, doesn’t it? My doctor always likes to say that babies are “cute little parasites” sucking all the life and energy and vitamins and good stuff out of our bodies and leaving us with the leftovers!!

    I haven’t been pregnant for almost a year and a half now…. but I’m wondering when they stop being parasites, ha ha! Loveable little parasites though…

    Get some sleep if you can, and some snack fixes too!

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