Goodbye, Hello.

On Thursday we said goodbye to Mimoza. It seemed strange to think that once we said goodbye she would no longer be sharing our days with us, but carrying on her life a half a world away. Of course, it was sad to say goodbye, but at the same time exciting to know that it is only the beginning of a life long friendship, to look forward to visiting her at her home someday, and to hoping she will make it back to ours when we live in our up-north home.

On Friday we said hello to Magali, who will be spending the summer with us. She seems to be settling in comfortably. Noah and Ben are getting over a cold and more ornery than usual, and I’m little worried that they’ll make her think she’s made a terrible mistake in coming here! 😉 I love to see how even though the boys were sad to see Mimo go, they are so quick to welcome a new person into our lives. We are having a little more difficulty in communication, but that only sends us all to the dictionary more often. It’s a good vocabulary building exercise!

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One Response to Goodbye, Hello.

  1. Robyn says:

    Hey Angie
    Congrats again – nice to see the little baby bump 🙂 I thought the picture of you and G was hilarious (you look so innocent). You’ve inspired me to bring some order to my kids’ nature collections – although I have to say, your kids have my kids beat by a long shot as far as quantity! Nice to catch up w/ you again.

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