Nature Display – Restoring Order

The boys and I worked on a big job a couple of days ago. I really should have taken a before photo. The nature “display” was a nature disarray! I mounted the two narrow shelves (that have been kicking around in various closets in various houses for the past couple of years), gathered a variety of saved jars – in particular, peanut butter and baby food, along with some tall jam jars and fancy prickly-pear jelly jar, and a couple wooden containers (one from a Melissa and Doug’s Make-your-own-puzzle kit and one that I’ve been saving for no less than eight years from an Ikea kids cutlery set). Anyway…… with some team sorting and some reasoning (“you don’t need to save 400 snail shells. How about throwing out the broken, bird-pecked ones?” and “do you really need this giant rock that has one teeny-weeny fossil in it when you have other rocks filled with fossils?”) the nature display is now in tip-top condition. There are a few things left to sort that hopefully we’ll get to over the weekend.





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2 Responses to Nature Display – Restoring Order

  1. goodbean says:

    oooo! now that is MIGHTY inspiring!

  2. Joanna says:

    That looks great!! Good job guys 🙂

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