He’s Two

It was so much fun celebrating this little guys birthday! He loved having everyone sing to him, he clapped along, he cheered, he was adorable. Mommy requested pants that would fit his oldest brother from one grandma and Zometool from another grandma, which was also intended for the big boys (and Mommy).  He did get a couple of books intended for him!  And I’m sure he thinks the clothes are his anyway, as you can see by the bottom picture of him wearing them!  After the drumstick squares (also a big brother request) we all spent time building with Zometool – learning about polyhedrons, trying to create a triacontahedron, and familiarizing ourselves with vertices, edges, planes, and Latin and Greek-prefixed numerical words.   Even though Noah’s gifts weren’t really meant for him (at least not for a few years!), and even though he didn’t choose his own dessert, I am sure that he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday and being the birthday boy!  



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3 Responses to He’s Two

  1. mrsmoosepoint says:

    Happy Birthday big boy. We miss all the boys. Joshua asked if we could try to find your house and stop by on the way up North. I would love to try to find your house but I think it is a tiny bit out of the way and we have guests coming 4 days after we arrive so it probably is a no.

  2. Joanna says:

    He is WAY too cute! I miss you guys so much!!

  3. meagger says:

    Oh wow…. Noah’s 2 already! That just reminds me of how long it’s been since I saw you last. He was just a wee baby, and sleeping in his tent on the beach at the Folk Festival. Sweet little guy. We’ll have get together this summer… for REALsies!!

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