Graeme and I went to an “Eco-nest” Workshop this weekend.  We left early Saturday morning, spent Saturday night there, and were home late Sunday afternoon.  It was informative, inspiring, and in a lovely location. The workshops were held in a timber-frame, straw-clay home with a masonry furnace.  The weekend was good for making some contacts with people who have experience with this kind of thing.  It was nice to have the time together in the car to share our ideas, thoughts, and goals.   And it was fantastic to return home to our house full of boys!  I missed them so much.

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One Response to Eco-nest

  1. Robyn says:

    How nice to have a night away! Isn’t it funny how you long to get away and about…oh 5 hours after you’re gone you start to miss your kids? Actually, right now I think it would take me a little longer than that to miss mine 🙂

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