Kiss Noah! Love Noah!

A few mornings ago Ben, Noah, and I were sitting on the couch reading while Graeme was getting ready to leave for work.  Graeme came over and gave me a kiss.  The following conversation ensued.

Noah: Kiss Noah!

Graeme: [kisses Noah then says…] Ben, do you want a kiss?

Ben: [silent but nodding]

Graeme: I love you, Ben.

Noah: Love Noah!

Graeme: I love you, Noah.

Noah: Love Mommy!

Graeme [to Mommy]: I love you.

Noah: Bye bye! Bye bye! [You’ve done all my bidding… now you may leave.]

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One Response to Kiss Noah! Love Noah!

  1. meagger says:

    We are SO their puppets, aren’t we? 🙂

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