Science and Lunch


We had a little get together for a science experiment, art (which we didn’t end up fitting in this time), visiting, and lunch.  I thought there were seventeen kids in the house, but when I just counted them all on the couch below and there are seventeen and I know one baby is missing, so there were actually eighteen kids.  We did a flotation experiment to learn about why some things float and some sink (and the displacement of water being less than or greater than the object displacing the water) was to build modeling clay (Plasticine) boats and then load them up with coins to see how many they could carry before sinking.  This lead to the engineering of bigger and bigger boats that carried more and more coins.  From two to twelve years old – they all seemed to enjoy it.  I was happy when, near the end I asked, “so how can a great, big, heavy ship made of iron float?”  And a certain seven year old immediately said, “It displaces a lot of water”.  


This photo was also taken to make a colouring page.  I’m way too tired to even consider rotating it tonight.  So here it is sideways.


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