Good Times

flickr collage

  • great friends
  • tamsyn making apple crisp right after arriving
  • impromptu potluck
  • meeting friends of friends
  • super music
  • dancing children
  • late nights
  • sunny days
  • BBQs
  • boys riding bikes – all day
  • running, playing, games
  • sidewalk covered in art
  • teaching tamsyn to spool knit
  • yarn store and coffee with merrie and noah
  • teaching merrie to knit
  • pierre discovers “chariot” in “back 40”
  • he brings it back
  • kids get chariot rides
  • considering a rickshaw business
  • long walks
  • more discoveries – graves and trash heaps
  • playing on the golf course
  • boys look sun-tanned 
  • more music – and knitting!
  • french conversation during dinner
  • after dinner microscope and pond water
  • more friends of friends
  • exhausted kids to beds
  • exhausted adults to bed
  • the last breakfast
  • reluctant farewells

What a fantastic time!

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