It Just Happened


Gone are the days (for now) of boys begging me to read to them.  I practically beg Zach to ask me to read to him.  I feel like I’m totally slacking on something I supposed to do.  But he reads to himself.  Gabe reads to himself.  They read to each other.  They read to Ben.  I’ll say to Ben, “Ben, we haven’t read this library book yet.” And he’ll say, “Gabe read it to me.”  Ok…. Ben does still ask me for stories and it’s a given that we read a couple before bed every night.  Then there is Toby, who has recently become obsessed with books.  He carries piles of them to me.  He tells me where to sit.   And we read.  So I guess my days of reading stories to my boys aren’t completely over.  The big boys do still very much enjoy their nightly listening to whatever books Graeme is reading to them – which for now is the Dragonlance Chronicles.  And I’m sure there will be other novels that I’ll read to them.  But it’s really crazy how – in what seemed like overnight – I am no longer being begged to read, read, read.   It’s also nice to be able to ask a big brother to read to a little brother when they desperately want a story and I’m in the middle of dinner or something.  

The whole thing is also reassuring – if I needed reassurance – that with a little encouragement and direction, but largely left to plot their own course and pursue their own passions and interests – THESE THINGS WILL HAPPEN.  We haven’t forced them to read a prescribed amount of reading per day, when they have chosen books above or below their reading level it’s been encouraged, they’ve been read to since birth, they’ve watched us read since their births – and here they are – avid readers.  With anticipation, I look forward to seeing these “it just happened” moments in so many other areas of their development and learning!

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One Response to It Just Happened

  1. truscifi says:

    Your kids are adorable! With my little guy the reading sessions switched from me reading to him, to him reading to me. Although I did see him reading to his favorite stuffed animals not long ago…I guess he’s just ready to read. 🙂

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