Tiny Goblins


Graeme got the boys onto the Lord of the Rings Battle Strategy Game a while ago.  They have started painting these tiny figurines together and are planning to craft terrain on which to host the games.  They aren’t actually playing yet.  It’s a huge process just to perfectly paint your goblins and orcs!  It’s amazing how much time the boys will spend painting them, and how much attention they pay to every little detail. During the week, while Graeme is at work,  they are reading the books about painting techniques and the game.  On the weekends and some other evenings they pull everything out with Graeme and get to painting.  I like watching my boys and their dad work so fastidiously together on this project.


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2 Responses to Tiny Goblins

  1. grandma betty says:

    surprise surprise—this game for the “kids” is all about lord of the rings!!!!!!! somehow I doubt the “kids” part–hope everyone enjoys it—much love—ma

  2. angie says:

    I can guarantee you that it’s not being forced on them! In fact, I have threatened them (and been backed up by their dad) that if they continued to bug me about it during the week and if it continued to consume so much of their thought while we tried to do other things that they would have to quit it altogether. Now they know to wait until Daddy is around to bug him!

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