A Day for Skiing

This morning when I took the dog out for his walk I discovered it was a gorgeous day.  Our plan-free day was wide open to us and the weather inspired me to suggest that we pack a lunch and head to a cross country ski place.  Everyone agreed.  


Here we are breaking for a little picnic in the snow.  


And this is a little cantaloupe refresher at the end of our ski.  

Despite being told I couldn’t pull my Chariot (because it would “tear up the trails” – but they made an exception for me today), and then discovering the trails were poorly marked (if at all), we had a fabulous time!  If it weren’t for the not-being-allowed-to-pull-the-Chariot thing I’d seriously consider a membership…. for next winter.  

Sorry no skiing pictures.  Next time I’ll try to remember to borrow one of the boys cameras…. something I can easily stick in a pocket.  As it was, pulling two boys behind me and helping others up in front of me was quite enough without having a big camera in hand!

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One Response to A Day for Skiing

  1. Stacey says:

    Looks like your time in the snow was a lot of fun. Harnessed sleds work great with kids! Jakob loves his too.

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