We spent the weekend in Toronto.  The main reason for the trip was to see Adrian in Jersey Boys, which was fantastic.  If you are going to be in Toronto, go see it!  

We were hosted hospitably by friends.  We all had fun.  They generously kept our kids for several hours on the day we went to the show and out for dinner.  The boys are so comfortable there – they barely noticed when we left.  When we returned several hours later the two biggest boys were deeply engrossed in a game of Transformers Risk with Steve, Ben was building a puzzle with Alex, and Noah was the only one who noticed we were back. That was only because he happened to be near the door when we walked in.  They had a full day of playing games, going to the pool (!), watching a movie, more games, and puzzles. 

After the kids were in bed we played the token game of Rock Band.

We had a lovely breakfast on Sunday morning with Adrian and Betty joining us.  Then we were off to be tourists for a while.   Everyone liked the CN Tower.  The boys (especially Noah and Ben) loved the glass floor!  I don’t think Mimo loved it as much, but she did brave a walk out on it!  

And Dad, maybe before the next trip I’ll get my long-coveted Gorrilapod SLR-ZOOM so that I can be in some of the photos! My birthday is approaching… hint, hint. 😉






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3 Responses to Tourists

  1. mrsmoosepoint says:

    cool pics. I saw them on your post before you had posted about them yesterday. I thought you were in a disco playing ‘ dance revolution’. Glad to hear you love rock band. The kids are constantly playing rock band or sing star. I have been practicing my Abba sing star. Funny videos go along with that 70’s music.

  2. paisleytrusdale says:

    i like the new haircuts on some of your boys!

  3. grandma betty says:

    glad everyone is home safe and sound—don’t tell graeme it is in the high 80s here every day this week—great swimming weather if you are so inclined. Everyone stay well—me

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