So Close Yet So, Soooo Far


I decided to get dedicated and get this boy out of diapers after my last post about him peeing on the potty.


Ben woke  up and quietly worked on puzzles until he had to poo.



Noah was very patient and keen.  He spent lots of time on the potty.  We read books.  Ben called for a bum wipe.  I was gone for about twenty seconds.  I returned to Noah, now a step down on the carpet, squatting and pointing beneath himself.  “Pee,” he said, in a voice that wasn’t sure if it should be excited or not.  I leaned over the step to see him squatting over a very large poo.  Ahhh…. so close, but yet so far.  Maybe I’m not ready to be that dedicated yet!

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2 Responses to So Close Yet So, Soooo Far

  1. paisleytrusdale says:

    ok. that is hilarious. it made me laugh out loud. maybe not funny for you since you had to clean it up but it is very cute how hard he is trying … and just not *quite* there yet! I miss you and your babies when I hear stories like this!
    Wish you could have come over and knit. I finished one of my mittens … so I’ll need to go wool shopping sometime soon …

  2. heather says:

    so funny ang and thanks to my mom, we are past the stage you are at right now…. hallelujah!!!!
    i love the new look on the blog….. trying to get settled back in….. we had a great time…. and about the big screen, its very bright and i’m not used to it yet…. hopefully it will come…. cheerio!!

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