See? See?

This morning we all enjoyed a feast of a brunch at the home of the couple Graeme rented from when he moved down here ahead of us.  It was lovely.  And I think I found a mentor for myself for the mentorship program I envision starting sometime after I move back north.  After brunch we went to the mall.  Not our typical weekend outing!  But something we are capable of pulling off every few years.  We had a couple specific targets at the mall and the outing was remarkably painless.  Once we were home we all settled into various activities. Zach and I took the dog out and cut some willows for some basket making, Mimo caught up on email and then played with little boys, Graeme set to work on dinner (which was amazing…. like something you would order at a fine restaurant), some boys drew, one played online computer games for a while, and Noah stripped off all of his clothes and his diaper.  He kept running to the bathroom and sitting on his potty.  Whenever I threatened to put his clothes back on he’d yell “no” and run back to the potty.  Finally, he very excitedly led me to the potty to show me the two drops of pee he had produced!  Everyone had to look, at Noah’s insistence.  “See? See? See, Mommy? See, Gaggy?  See Zachy?”  And he wasn’t satisfied until they bent right over the potty and peered in beneath him, not just pretending to look.  I think that, with a little more dedication on my part, this boy could be potty trained very quickly.

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