Two Dollar Blanket

Shortly after Zak had turned three we went to a theater company costume sale.  It turns out you have to arrive at those things really early.  Lots of people already had piles of things horded as their own personal possessions while they probed through them, deciding what to buy.  That part was disappointing.  But dear little Zach spotted a ragged, frayed, green blanket and insisted he really, really wanted it.  Since he rarely played with real toys (his favourite play things consisted of a six inch piece of twine and his imaginary owl) this came as no surprise.  But would he really play with it or would it land in some forgotten corner and keep the dust bunnies company?  The two dollar tag didn’t seem too steep a price to pay – even if it did end up a dust bunny collector.  (Though, at the time it did seem like a lot to me for an old, worn out blanket.)  

It turns out that it was one of the best two dollar purchases we ever made.  This beloved blanket found a new home, and it became a home for Zak’s twine (which was a pet snake), it stretched itself across the floor to become a grassland, or some other lush terrain. Sometimes the blanket was needed for a good cuddle, a nap, or a roof on a fort. This blanket found itself with prominent parts in plays – whether as a costume, a prop, or some living entity – and I  do believe it has had a more adoring, appreciative cast than it ever had on the main stage of professional productions.  The cast has since grown and each one has instinctively recognized the value of this humble, but talented, blanket.  




(These photos were taken today.  It would be neat – if I ever had the time – to make a collage of photos that this blanket is in and post it.  Unlikely to ever happen.)

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