Maze Craze and Things


A bag of books, mostly for Ben, from our latest library trip.  Ben cycles through the books so quickly that we needed an increased supply so he’d have new things to look at when he “reads” in bed at night.  


Here Noah is repeating, “Me back pack, me back pack…” over and over until finally, it is his turn to “back pack” on Daddy. 



Everyone poses for some quick snapshots while we were getting ready for a family movie night last night.  We missed the planned Friday movie night, and then Saturday, due to Graeme’s weekend at work.  



Zach and Gabe skated on the pond yesterday.  We went out again today and only Gabe got on his skates.  Zach had a sore tummy.  After I helped Gabe for a while I put my own skates on and realized how terrible the ice really is!  It’s pretty soft and very bumpy! Hard ice to skate on, never mind to learn to skate on!



This yellow notebook formed the bulk of our reading today….. Zach’s days of being Noah’s age.  My… we had some good laughs. I’m so glad that I’ve recorded some of these things.


In my organizing last night I found a maze book (Big Book of Adventure Mazes) that we bought a long time ago for Zach (during his last maze craze), but it proved to be too challenging at the time.  Well, now Gabe and Zach are both absorbed in it.  I did a lot of copying mazes on the scanner and printing out simpler mazes for Ben.  While they are busily working on mazes in the photo above, Noah is flying in the air above Graeme.

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