Little Chef


We recently picked up honest-pretzelsMollie Katzen’s book Honest Pretzels
at the library.  It’s a kids cookbook with great step-by-step instructions for each recipe.  Gabe has taken a keen interest in the book.  Above he is making himself scrambled eggs for breakfast.  He asked if anyone else wanted them, but everyone had already eaten something else.  But once he’s scrumptious scrambled eggs were ready both Ben and Noah couldn’t resist.  Gabe kindly offered to make some more!  What a sweety.  

If the cooking continues I just might have to buy all three of her cookbooks. (See also Pretend Soupand Salad People And More Real Recipes.)

Yesterday Gabe made the Honest Pretzels for which the book is named. They were a hit.


Tonight he made dinner for us.  He made the Not-from-a-Box Macaroni and Cheese, except it was kamut spaghetti and cheese since that’s the only pasta we had in the house. It was delicious.  


He has talked about a few different options for what he’d like to make tomorrow and Zach is planning to make “a quadruple batch of pretzels”. Do you think he liked them?

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2 Responses to Little Chef

  1. grandma betty says:

    perhaps he will turn into a little chef just like grandad has done in his dotage!!!!!!! glad to see they are busy and happ—looking forward to seeing you soon—ma

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