We all went out and started shoveling off the slushy pond yesterday.  Everyone had so much fun.  




There is one little corner of the pond that never freezes.  I threw a couple buckets of water on the ice to see if it was a feasible way to flood the pond.  It was very shallow and mucky (not a feasible method) and after about the third bucket Zach started shouting things like, “fresh water shrimp!”, “cyclops copepod!”  We took a bucket of water back to the house for further observation.


The big boys spent the rest of the afternoon making discoveries and then sketching them into their nature journals.


Graeme was home early today and we were out there again this afternoon.  Now we just need to find 110 meters of rubber hose and we can flood it!  While the guys were all on the pond I packed down a trail around the pond with the snowshoes.  I want to make a trail that the boys will be able to easily ski on.  My lungs were stinging and my legs were burning and it felt great!  I’m so out of shape but it feels great to be doing something towards improving that.  Finally, we headed in after Z and G found a soft spot along shore and both got soakers.

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2 Responses to Pond

  1. el burro says:

    Z looks so mature to me in the photo of him at the microscope. I think it’s in the line of his jaw. Losing the big cheeks of babyhood…

  2. Robyn says:

    Funny, I was thinking the exact thing “el burro” said before I read that comment! Cute.

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