And God saw….. that it was good.

There are a lot of Bible stories that have become very “fairly tale-ized” over time.  Some of this is a result of the influence of pagan tradition, some from widely known and popular works of literature (such as Milton’s Paradise Lost), and some from influential art (among, I am sure, many other things).  Some of the symbolism for these stories has become so widely accepted that  the stories evoke certain standardized images in our minds – pictures that we automatically assume – believe – without question.  Images such as a talking snake slithering down the tree to whisper seductively to Eve, an apple being the forbidden fruit, a cute little tippy boat housing all the animals during the great deluge of Noah’s time, angels having wings, Lucifer being an angel, the original creation being perfect  – these are common images or ideas we unconsciously conjure when we think of these stories.  These images and ideas have become so pervasive that they dominate Christian literature and thinking as well, even though they are not necessarily in agreement with the Bible. 

I’m very curious to see if I can get any dialogue going on some of these topics.  I’m guessing that it probably won’t happen and that’s fine.  Blogs aren’t necessarily the best medium for these “conversations”.  As is the case with most things – real life works better!  But if you are up for it….. please leave a comment. 

So here is the first question(s):

After each of the six days of creation, except for one, the Bible records that “God saw…. that it was good”.    Which day did he not see that “it was good”?  And what is the significance of this?

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6 Responses to And God saw….. that it was good.

  1. heather says:

    To answer the 1st question, it was the 2nd day that He didn’t state, “it was good.”
    Second, and I won’t be able to “answer” it, but I have a few thoughts and ideas.
    Firmament in its biblical usage means “heavens.” More literally(or so I’ve read) it means, something stretched out. So that being said, there is a large aspect in the creation account where God is dividing and making boundaries. Light from dark,evening and morning,separating the heavens,water being seas and dry land being earth, all of the “according to their kind” separations, sun and moon(or greater and lesser lights), signs and seasons, night from day,the separation and distinction of the types of animals….flying, creeping, swimming.(sorry for the run on) One of the hugest distinctions God makes is that He spoke everything into existence…the sea brought forth the sea animals on His command and the earth brought forth vegetitation and animals by His command, but God Himself created man. In the beginning, there was no form and void, so God made order out of disorder, form out of formlessness, cosmos(all of creation) out of chaos and so to me, the division of the water’s(firmament or heaven’s) is another act of God bringing order into existence. And at the end of the last day,”…God saw everything that He had made, and indeed, it was very good….” Gen.1:31
    Thanks for the great post Ang!

  2. efilyzarcym says:


    It appeared to me that the 7th day also wasn’t decreed as good. Now, I am aware that this was his “rest” day…so.

    I love these sorts of discussions; however, I am an agnostic and most of my thoughts come from the disbelieving/questioning side of the house. So, although I am up for the discussions, let me know if you want my kind of input…LOL!! 🙂


  3. mrsmoosepoint says:

    I would love to talk about Jesus here or anywhere. The only problem wih your question is that I would have to look up the answer. (perhaps that was your intent) and I only have time for a quick comment now.
    I have just been thinking about what we know about heaven. There is quite a debate about what that is going to look like?
    If I have some time later on though I will see if I can find some answers.

  4. Elena says:

    I would love to participate in these types of discussions, but on this one I’m not quite sure. Perhaps since it has to do with the day of dichotomy, so to speak, where the oneness becomes twoness, then perhaps there was good AND bad because they are two poles on one spectrum?

  5. Angela says:

    Thanks for the comments. I promise I’ll get back to this soon. The days have seemed fuller than full lately.

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