The Day

We had our quiet and mellow day today.  (Comparatively speaking.)  For me it started out with snuggling in bed with Noah and Ben – the usual – and then feeding them some breakfast.  Everyone else trickled down until I was ready to head out for a ski with the dog.  So far I’ve been skiing at night.  It was nice to go in the daylight.  It gave me an opportunity to break off some branches that have been thrashing me in the eyes as I whip past them in the dark.  Everyone seemed really low-key this morning. Zach worked diligently on his lapbook about trees. I think we were all wiped out from the past week or so.  It was nice to read and visit and do a really good – and much needed – team cleaning of the living room. 


In the afternoon we started this project of making paper mosaics to cover empty cans to make pencil (or whatever) holders.  Once we have the paper on we’re going to coat them in a decoupage paste (watered down glue).  


This one is Gabe’s can.

Then Mimoza made us supper and the poor girl was rushed because we didn’t know Graeme was planning to take the big boys out as early as he was. So I was her “commis de cuisine”! The guys went to a hobby shop where they sell all the stuff for making figurines and scenes which can then be used for a game. That is the best I can do to describe it for now, but I’ll get them to show me a good website to link to later.

Welcome to Love Knits
I was out this evening as well. I went to my friend Bonnie’s where her younger sister’s Love Knits group got together to – you guessed it – knit! And visit and drink apple cider and tea and eat some yummy cake, too. I started a scarf and I think I’ll be even more inspired to knit this scarf – with purpose – than I have been with my little dish clothes.  After a couple of scarves maybe I’ll be ready to start my sweater.

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