A Few More Things


In season or not, I just can’t pass up the giant basket of red peppers for $5.99 when I’m at the farmer’s market.  I loved how they stood out so bright against the white snow when I roasted them.


Pre-breakfast colouring session after the Monday night sleepover.


Trying on Ben’s underwear.


One time I would like to take a picture of every sock and slipper change this boys goes through in a day.  In this photo he is wearing two socks on his right foot.  Just about every time he comes around a new corner he’s got something different on his feet.  


Mimoza has nicknamed him Monsieur ça va pas la tête !  (Mr. Crazy in the Head)

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2 Responses to A Few More Things

  1. mrsmoosepoint says:

    I love the big boy undies. That baby is growing up to fast and to smart. The next thing you know he’ll be 7 and your baby will be all grown up, however this is your blog and you may have 3 more babies after him……who knows?

  2. Grampa Farty says:

    The firstthink that comes to mind every time I se this photo is..”THE HAT OF ZORRO”

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