A Little Mind Spilling

The past week and a half has been a whirlwind.  A whirlwind of catching up (on business hour errands), baking, and I really don’t know what else.  It’s just been one of those weeks where everyday I think the next day is finally going to be calm and quiet and mellow and then it isn’t.  There’s been little time for any creativity – art, knitting, sewing – or music.  Although, I have been happily (and clumsily) plucking out some chords for a song Graeme and I are going to learn together.  (Two guitars, two voices…. I’m really excited about this.)  We’ve been working on our French in the mornings and for right now this “takes” a lot of time. I’m very encouraged and excited about how this is going.  It is necessary right now that this time is very focused and instructive.  I anticipate that with improved language proficiency it will become more just a part of whatever we are doing.  So in this aspect, mornings which might have been used for doing other things are dedicated to French and as I type I am realizing that maybe that is part of why the days have vanished so quickly before my eyes.  Don’t expect much from this post tonight (as if you ever have), because it’s basically just a little spilling of my mind…. a sort of emptying…. before I try to fall asleep.  

Today was week two of a six week session with a new homeschool co-op thingy.  The “classes” or whatever you want to call them, are led by parent volunteers. Parents offered ideas of what they would be interested in leading and the people in charge decided on a schedule using some of those ideas.  I volunteered myself (among other things) to lead a storytelling class for 4-6 year olds and 7-9 year olds.  They picked storytelling.  So far it has gone really, really well.  At least, that is the feeling I get and I have had some very positive feedback.  And I really do enjoy doing it while I’m there.  But I have to say, it’s the only thing that’s going to keep me going. I’m just not big on these organized things.  The timing couldn’t be worse.  It starts at 1pm and we have to be out the door by 12:30 to make it on time.  We never eat lunch that early (we have to eat at 11:30 to be on time).  Nobody is hungry.  So I push lunch as late as possible and it inevitably ends up pushing everything later.  Agh.  This is also right around the time Noah is ready to go to sleep.  Thankfully, starting today, he is able to stay home with Mimo.  Ben did as well.  So maybe getting out the door at this time will become easier.  Today, I left the house with five kids, two being my own.  (We had three extras last night.) We dropped one off on the way, arrived for the co-op with four.  I left the co-op with six boys, dropped four off at three different places, and arrived home with the correct  number of children.  I am convinced that even if I had three extra kids here every Tuesday morning I could somehow, with proper pre-planning and organization, get everyone out the door on time.  I just haven’t quite perfected it yet.  I had snacks packed, drinks, all my supplies, indoor shoes, and so on and so forth, but somehow I can never seem to factor in enough of the “I can’t find my mitts”, “I forgot to pee”, “can you time my boots”, etc.  All that said, we actually DID arrive JUST on time today.  Which was a miracle.  I think I just hate the process of making it happen, “hurry up, hurry up…. have a pee… put on your boots, where is your jacket? why don’t you have your boots on yet? what do you mean you didn’t pee, I reminded you three times? No you don’t need another drink.  I have drinks in the van.  Hurry, hurry.  We’re gonna be late.”  Especially when, to do it,  I had to break up an elaborate, invented game that involved the game pieces from at least three real games.

I had already pretty much made up my mind not to go to the next session, but already I’m having an internal struggle.  Someone has put out a poll for a different time (mornings) vs. the current time. This would suit us much better.  And just one more day there (today) made me feel more connected to some people there and now I’m feeling that sense of obligation, of duty.  And I don’t even want to.  Not here, not now.  I’m leaving here in just over a year (if not sooner).  But I already feel like if I bail I’ll disappoint some people. Maybe this is presumptuous.  And then tonight Zach stayed up until 10:30 working on a lapbook about trees, inspired by the lapbooking class he is doing at the co-op.  (I tried to put him to bed but he told me that when he’s doing something like this it’s all he can think about and if I put him to bed he wouldn’t be able to sleep.  Since he does have trouble falling asleep and since he was looking wide awake…. I let him stay up. I told him he could stay up as late as he wanted if he would put himself to bed, but he still likes to have Mommy tuck him in.) So I do like to see them get inspired by other people’s ideas.  I can’t have all the ideas.   But on the other hand, the next six week session will take us all the way into the beginning of April.  That means we’re going to be spending some nice, spring days at the co-op when maybe we’d rather be out exploring, adventuring, orienteering.  Hmmmm….. what to do.  I guess I have a few weeks to decide.

Oh, there were things I wanted to remember to write about what the boys have said and done lately.  I just can’t think anymore.  One thing that amused me last night, though, with the sweety-pie little girl that slept over, was when she chose some of Ben’s pajamas to wear.  You have to first understand that I have only once seen this girl not wearing a dress.  She loves girly things, ribbons in her hair, and fairies.  I completely overlooked Ben’s Spider Man pajamas on the top of the pile and dug down for something plain, not overtly “boy”, still a little worried that this was going to be an issue.  I held up some plain blue pajamas and said hopefully (and in my best convincing voice), “How about these ones?”  She glanced over and she said, “I’ll have the Spider Man ones.”  So she did.

I’m so thankful that my kids (and I!) have some great buddies here.  What a world of difference it makes to have that companionship.  

Well, here’s to a good night’s sleep and tomorrow – a calm, quiet and mellow day!  Cheers, everyone.  Sleep well.  (Or if you are wiser than I, you are already sleeping well.)

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2 Responses to A Little Mind Spilling

  1. mrsmoosepoint says:

    Wow, with that being said….I learn a little more about how you mind works. I almost always regret volunteering for events because they really conflict with life. It never fails that all things fall on the same day and I have an overwhelmed feeling.
    I just had a conflict and after three days of trying to figure it out I gave it to the Lord (it does keep coming back to mind, however). I wonder when I will learn.

  2. Robyn says:

    Too bad we never reach a place of having perfectly balanced priorities. It’s a constant stepping from stone to stone across the stream. I’ve been thinking about the same decisions… May we all have wisdom in knowing what should come first!

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