What a great day!  Yesterday was spent doing what I don’t particularly love, but is necessary – running numerous errands, many of which I’ve been putting off for a long time, waiting for our guest to arrive.  Finally able to go out – child-free – during business hours I did lot of those annoying things that needed to be done.  I got an oil change.  I rented a 1/10th size violin and a pocket trumpet.  I waited while they tried to find the pocket trumpet in the computer system. I endured rush hour traffic (again, made much more pleasant by listening to Musicophilia…. I recommend always having a good audio book (for adults) handy in the vehicle). Blah, blah, blah.  I was so happy to finally be home! Oh… actually, when I went out the first time  I had Zach with me.  We did a few things together, including going to Chapters to spend his birthday gift card from Grandma B.  He knew exactly what he wanted – a book on prehistoric life that he had looked at the last time we were all in Chapters and an arachnid field guide.  There was not an arachnid field guide, but he found a book all about spiders that he was very happy with.  He had been waiting to use his gift cards until there was a sale.  He got five dollars off.  I got him home for his fiddle lesson and I headed back out.

Anyway….. today.  Today was great.  We started our morning with the planned French. You can read about it here.  Zach and I started a photorealism tutorial in Photoshop, but I got hung up on something that I am sure is a very simple step.  Hopefully I can figure it out soon so we can keep going.  Mimo played lots with the boys – obstacle courses, hide and seek, chess….. and I was able to catch up on a number of other annoying tasks at home.  The last lingering address changes (four months later!), phone calls, making a dentist appointment for myself, finding a piano tuner, etc.  Again…. blah, blah, blah…. but all very important.  Feels good to have these things done even if they aren’t super exciting to do! 


M and the big boys decided to go out and play.  It was -13° here today, which is balmy to our friends and family enduring -28° to -38 temperatures on this same day.  That is something I can be thankful for while we live here.  I am out skiing and it’s not that bad.  I think my cut-off for a ski is about -30° and that would be a short ski (depending on the wind).  I’m thrilled with my new ski boots that actually keep my feet warm.  So far I haven’t had the opportunity to test them lower than -13° but they kept my feet roasty toasty when I went out tonight!  If it makes you fell any better about us getting such warm weather I will tell you that G and I both agree it’s not much different than living in Manitoba – lots of wicked wind – so it does feel colder most of the time.  The difference is that in Manitoba it’s -30° plus the wicked wind.


Ok…. back to M and the boys.  They played out for longer than I expected.  It looked like they were having a great time.


They came in happy and laughing and rosy-cheeked.  I wish this picture did the red cheeks justice.  The little beans had to get in on the photo, of course!  


Graeme isn’t home yet.  It’s 11:50pm.  This makes me very thankful for Mimo, not to mention that she is great company, fun to be around, a coffee drinker (finally, someone to drink coffee with because I hardly bother to make it for myself!), interesting, my new piano student, great with my kids, good natured…. to name a few.  

That is our day in a nutshell.

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5 Responses to Rosy-Cheeked

  1. el burro says:

    I read in your other blog about Mimo’s Parisian French. Is she here in Canada all the way from France? Did you have to lend her warm clothes for playing outside?

  2. Angela says:

    Yes, she’s here all the way from France. And yes, she is wearing my wind pants, jacket, mitts, and neck tube in those pictures! We are going to the Thrift Store on Saturday to try to find her some warm stuff inexpensively!

  3. grandma betty says:

    glad thatZach finally got something he wanted with the certificate—I’ll have to check it out whenI see you next. Enjoy the cold and snow while I enjoy 75f sun and golf plus hiking—-am very happy I am not up north this month. love you all—me

  4. Graeme says:

    Ah, the clarion call of the snowbird – “Enjoy cold and snow while I enjoy 75f…blah blah” Winter is much more enjoyable when you actually go outside and enjoy it. You can hike in the snow too.

  5. grandma betty says:

    Grae——talk to me in 20 years when your Raynauds kicks in smart ass——I still love ya though–your warm mother

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