He Needs a Job to Do

It’s so easy to forget that this boy is only  20 months old.  He is so independent, determined, cognizant of everyone and everything around him.  We think that he thinks he’s at least four.  If he has a problem, he solves it.  Or he communicates in some effective way to get someone to help him solve it.  We joke that he is great at solving his own problems and creating problems for everyone else!  

There is a drawer face that is loose and so it sometimes twists into a crooked position.  Last night Noah was at the table eating a snack.  I shut the drawer and didn’t notice that it was unaligned.  He came running from his chair and very concernedly saying, “Boken, boken, fix it, fix it!”  As soon as I straightened out the drawer face he looked relieved and ran back to his chair to finish his snack.  

It is virtually impossible for me to do anything in the kitchen without him pushing up a chair and helping.  And true to his style, he solves his own problems.  If I haven’t given him something to put in the bread or the pancakes or the muffins (or am not giving it to him fast enough), he finds a measuring cup and starts putting flour in.  I have to be very careful to keep things like salt and baking soda out of his reach!  





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2 Responses to He Needs a Job to Do

  1. Andrea says:

    You can keep the salt and soda away from him, however please do not place that camera out of your reach!!!


    I have a post in the making which is inspired by your blog… this is the weekend, I will get it done!

  2. Angie says:

    I’ll be checking for your post!

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