What do an anggleeso and a snagl angly have in common?

They are both creatures made up by my boys in the worlds they are “making”.  

gabe's world

Here are some of Gabe’s creatures.

zak's world

And here are Zach’s.

I love the spelling.  It is interesting to see how, as both of their reading improves dramatically, the spelling is obviously (as I know it is) a different process and not likely to happen simultaneously.  

They tell me all about their creatures’ features – omnivorous, carnivorous, etc., what they use for defence, what they eat, and so on and so forth.

I think this is probably partly inspired by their recent introduction to Spore, a video game where you start as a single cell creature and evolve into a more complex animal.  Yes, our kids are playing Spore where you “Take an Amazing Journey: Create and guide your creature through five stages of evolution“.   At first I was concerned about the apparent highly addictive qualities that seemed to be playing big into Zach’s thoughts.  But that only lasted until the second time they played and since then they haven’t asked again.  I’m sure they will be happy to, but at least it’s not the ruling thought in their noggins!  

I was going to make a few more comments on Spore, but as I got looking up some articles I decided I’d save it for a post of its own.

dragonfly by zak

Here is a dragonfly Zach drew from his head….. “I had trouble drawing dragonfly faces and then I remember one that I saw at Moose Point last summer”.  I wish I had such visual recall!

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4 Responses to What do an anggleeso and a snagl angly have in common?

  1. heather says:

    Wow! Awesome dragonfly….. I saw a huge on e that looked just like that up at mom n dads 2 summers ago. You’ve got quite the artist!! Way 2 go Zach!!

  2. Elena says:

    Wow… I love kids’ creativity. Yours have it to an amazing degree, obviously!

  3. grandma betty says:

    great pic Zach—-where did you guys go skiing??/just out the back door???? hope you enjoy it all winter—-glad someone likes cold toes!!!! much love—me

  4. Angie says:

    Yep, skiing out the back door. We couldn’t ask for a better arrangement while living in the city! As for the cold toes… that is the great part about the updated gear. The boots are actually insulated so we can last a lot longer in the “cold” (though we can hardly call the winters here cold).

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