One Small Boy…..

……so many big ideas.  

He reminds me a lot of his oldest brother – that knowing, intense look in his eyes, the need for constant input, determined curiosity to find out how things work, and little need for sleep. You can almost see the information from around him being sucked into his little head.  The one consolation for me is that by the time he starts asking me a bazillion questions that I don’t know the answer to I can say, “Ask Zach”!  Already, he follows us around saying, “What’s that? What’s that? What’s that?” He is determined, hard working, and likes to have a purposeful task.  When he doesn’t he causes havoc for everyone else.  He has an incredible attention span for the things that interest him. He will play the fiddle for twenty minutes straight and then cry when I have to put it away or let someone else have a turn.  




I need to find him a smaller violing since he’s so interested.  I still think he’ll be a drummer too!


He did this on purpose and was very please with himself (and the laughs he got all around the table).


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