Letter (and Car) Find

Ben has been practicing his dots lately – drawing a very small circle and with a series of smaller and smaller circles, neatly filling it in.  I thought this would be a good two-birds-with-one-stone activity for him.  He can choose a letter to find in the newspaper and then carefully fill it in or, in the case of a letter that can’t be filled in – draw a dot over it.  He enjoyed it.  He would only find a dozen of one letter at most and then tell me the next letter he was looking for.  



Noah enjoyed covering Ben’s paper up with his own, colouring on Ben’s any chance he got, scribbling on his own paper, and finding cars to colour!

noah finding cars

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One Response to Letter (and Car) Find

  1. Elena says:

    That’s a brilliant idea. I love it when they learn while they play (and when do they not, right?) You know those letters are getting stuck in his brain, and more importantly he is associating letters with fun!

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