World Travel Without the Parents

Zach, Gabe, and Ben have all been into Google Earth these days.  They have traveled the world multiple times.  It’s funny to hear them shout out, “We’re in Mali!” or “I went to Hawaii!”  Once in a while they call me over, “Look at this!” to show me a photo they’ve clicked on.  Before supper last night Gabe just had to finish “crossing over these mountains” before he could come and eat.  We have our house, our old house, friends’ houses, au pairs’ hometowns, and other points of interest marked on the map too.   So they also “visit” their friends over the miles and look down on a satellite view of their homes.  Yesterday they “went to” Kyran and Tamsyn’s and it was quite exciting.   A few minutes later they were in South Dakota at Mount Rushmore and then a mammoth graveyard.  Oh the possibilities!

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3 Responses to World Travel Without the Parents

  1. mrsmoosepoint says:

    P.S. I started my blog, the name is

    I AM mrsmoosepoint

  2. My son likes to visit Google Maps. He discovered they also have the moon and mars. We found our sailboat in Hawaii, which was extraordinary since we were only in that harbor for 3 days but our boat is such a unique design (trimard) it could only have been us.

  3. Angie says:

    That is really cool. We recently checked out our old house again. The resolution used to be really terrible in that area, during the time we lived there. But now it’s been updated and we could see our van and a couple of friends’ vehicles over too!

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