Magic Wall

Employing my Consistent-Small-Steps-Toward-the-Bigger-Goal prescript, I gradually masked one wall and then a desk and another desk with painters’ tape.  I gathered all necessary supplies.  And then I threw myself into a three day painting frenzy!  The actual painting part is just one of those things that can’t be done slow and steady.  The newspapers on the floor, the open paint tray just begging for Noah to get into it, the brushes, all the contents of two boys’ desks in boxes, desks unusable…. it simply has to be returned to normal as quickly as possible.  So after five coats of iron particles in latex primer (Magically Magnetic) and then two coats of the chosen top colours, the job is done!  Somehow I managed to take care of all the sickies (this probably facilitated the project, actually, since they were all pretty low energy), make some bread, and get moderately nutritious meals on the table.  I’m tired.

This is after about two coast of the iron laced primer.

The boys started testing it out in between coats.

And the boys desks.

I’ve had these pictures frames for ages.  They were very inexpensive frames from Ikea.  Now I’ve backed them with magnetic sheeting and they stick to the wall!

Another shot of the back of a desk.

Zach moving the Magnetic Poetry‘s Story Maker magnets from the fridge to the wall.

I’m really happy with the overall outcome.  I learned some things that I’m too tired to elaborate on here, but if you are planning to do some magnetic paint I’d be happy to share when I’m more awake.  The new wall colour really adds warmth to the dining room area.   I’m not convinced I’ll do this again, though.  (In future house.)  My main reason is that I think I’d like to avoid having any latex paint.  We’ll see.  I really do want a magnetic wall in our future house, though, so I’m going to look into metal sheeting and different treatments for it.  I think you can probably come up with some really unique looks for a sheet of metal.  Hmmm……


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4 Responses to Magic Wall

  1. Bonnie says:

    It looks so good, Angie!

    I’m so inspired by your “just begin… just start somewhere” philosophy these days… it’s motivated me a lot 😉

  2. el burro says:

    I’ve done the blackboard paint wall, but have never even considered a magnetic wall. It looks great!

  3. megtroy says:

    How cool is that? Love the idea. I just finished reading like 3 pages of posts on your blog…I’ve been on “computer vacation” for awhile. I can’t possibly comment on all your happenings, but I will say that I’m also inspired by your “just start somewhere” attitude. Sometimes, the figuring all the details out is what takes the longest, and stresses you out the most (I’ve found). Good for you for just “going ahead and doing it!”

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