Happy Birthday to My Man


On January 3rd, three days late, we finally had a little family celebration for Graeme’s birthday.  A combination of sick kids, late nights for Graeme, and other mishaps, prevented us from having the ingredients for the cake and requested fondue until this particular day.  We had  a lovely (though a little bit stressful for me with little kids around!) fondue.  We made it through without anyone being burned.

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One Response to Happy Birthday to My Man

  1. grandma betty says:

    glad he finally had his celebration—which wall in the dining room is that?????? I love the colour!!! hope everyone is healthier and happier too—have the boys been to AZ in google earth?????? this week it will be 70F—22C or so and sunny alllllllll week—yeah for me!!!!! going hiking today with marie and tim and then golf again tomorrow—stay well everyone—granma b

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