The Sweaters in my Life



Last night I taught the big boys how to knit.  Gabe is using a spool (corking) and Zach is doing the two-needle knitting!  Ben wanted to get in on the fun so, with much help, he did a little finger knitting.  When he tired of it I stretched it onto my fingers and finished it to his desired length.  It is now his dragon sea serpent snake cross.  Ben loves toys like this.  Since the knitting spirit was upon us I got out some needles and some cotton yarn and started brushing up my skills with some wash clothes.  Next up?  A sweater for me.  There is something immensely satisfying about knitting that I had forgotten about.  I picked up my knitting several times throughout the day – a row here, a few rows there – and almost every time Zach picked up his too.  He was surprising himself with gained speed each time.  He is planning on this first project being a scarf, but he already has thoughts for knitting a back-pack carrier for Noah to carry his puppy in.  I’m hoping this interest in knitting lasts – at least for a while.  Maybe they’ll be able to do it in the van without getting motion sick!  As for me, I don’t ever want to stop knitting and I’m wondering why I ever did.  I think I was under the illusion that I didn’t have time for it, but today I was thinking of all the opportunities there are for knitting in the day – over a snuggle, sitting near a sick child,  listening to a boy read, chatting and knitting side-by-side, in the van, the backyard, watching a movie, waiting for an appointment, oil changes……..   Think of all the sweaters I could be wearing!  

The sweater is precisely what stops me!  I have many sweaters in my life!  Big picture dreams and goals that seem so big I am incapacitated by them.  I freeze and do nothing.  This is something I’m working at these days – focusing on the meaningful small steps that are necessary to achieve the big dreams and goals.  It’s amazing how much more productive I (we) am (are).  Rather than waiting for some ideal time to accomplish the whole task at once I can take baby steps daily, weekly, monthly and suddenly the goal is accomplished! In the process, each day is so much more rich and rewarding for me, and I think, for everyone. I know at least that it makes me feel happier and when I’m happier and feeling productive, I also feel like I’m a better Mom.  I’m a sweater in progress, figuring this out one slow stitch at a time – with the occasional unraveling.

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2 Responses to The Sweaters in my Life

  1. el burro says:

    I like the sweater analogy, and can totally relate to freezing and getting stuck when faced with the enormity of an idea/project/goal. Sometimes I think of parenting, and I know that if I had REALLY known how big of a project I was getting myself into, I would never have had the courage to go ahead with it, but day by day it’s doable.

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