I miss…….

We have adapted to life here as best as we can, I think.  We remind ourselves of all the things we are thankful for – ultimately, having our family all together, which has huge advantages.  We are blessed to have some great “ready-made” friends with whom to share our days; friends that my boys ask almost daily “when are we going to see them again?”.  There are little things here and there that I daily add to my mental I’m-Thankful-to-be-Here-Because List, but I can so easily come up with a long list of things I miss.  Part of our adaptation – our “coping” – is to make fun of suburban living.  Grae and I amuse ourselves with this fairly often.  We especially like to make fun of the silly names they come up with for each development like “Cedar Grove” – an open field with four sickly cedars planted in front of the sign, or other such humorous imaginations.

What do I miss?  I miss the sun-shiny winter days and lots of blue sky!  I miss the dark, cold nights where you walk outside and are taken aback by the brightness of the stars.  I miss the wolves howling and the owls hooting. I miss the occasional northern lights (aurora borealis).  I miss our friends, and more than just individual friends – each an important contributor to – the sense of community.  I am realizing how rare this seems to be no matter who I quiz about it.  I miss having the “go-to” house, the drop-in place.  I miss having the space for big bonfires and lots of adults and kids.  I miss dreaming about what to plant in the garden in the spring and where to start a living willow house.  I miss taking my own garbage to the dump.  I miss knowing the people that sell the beef, the chicken, the rabbits, the eggs, the goat milk, the honey. I miss my piano students.  I miss letting my kids drive the van home on the country road. I miss rocks and evergreen trees.  I miss the enthusiasm my kids had for going outside.  I miss my own enthusiasm for the same.  I miss living on a pass-through route common to many of our friends from hither and yon – a place to rest their weary heads for the night.  I miss the proximity to family and being able to decide to visit our folks with relatively little planning (or expense).  I miss neighbors that go way beyond the “welcome to the neighbor hood! (but we’ll never see you again)” mentality.  I miss snow that stays all winter and ice the freezes until spring.  

I am not complaining.  I am as happy as I, a bush chick, can be here and there are many things I am very thankful for.  I’m simply making a list of some of the things I miss, and the things I look forward to returning to.

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One Response to I miss…….

  1. heather says:

    i know how you feel ang. i felt that way for years in n.c.
    i didn’t ever really feel at home there. i’m so thankful to be living here in the woods of wi. and be able to enjoy God’s creation by walking out my front door instead of driving 40 min out of the city to really be able to see the stars and to listen to the sounds of nature.
    i too, look forward to the day , when we can come visit you in your newly built yurt home in the T bay area. 🙂

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