Black Ice

My sister hit some last night.  She’s fine, but she wrecked her truck on a rock cut, banged up her forehead, and made us all really thankful that she’s still alive!  When she realized there was no avoiding the rock cut she steered, attempting to swing her out-of-control truck around, so as to avoid hitting the rocks on her side.  It worked and she hit them rear-on.  I’m glad she had the presence of mind for that!  I don’t know if I would have.  Anyway, she got picked up in the ambulance by her coworkers, and they made her do the whole neck brace/back board thing even though she knew she didn’t need it.  Like they told her, I said too, that’s a lot better than ending up a quadripelegic.  Well, anyway, we’re all just glad she’s safe!

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3 Responses to Black Ice

  1. Joanna says:

    Angela dearest,
    I am sure if in the situation (heaven forbid!) you would have thought of something clever to do!! Don’t sell yourself short!! You should see my impressive shiner today!! It is quite the site:)
    Love you lots! ttyl

  2. Leeanna says:

    I am so glad she (you) are ok Joanna. I know how these hwy’s are so bad and have had many close calls myself, take care and we are blessed you are ok and still have you in our lives….lots of love


    Hi Angie, I posted many new pics on facebook and some of the big belly…lol only 2 more weeks of bed rest and maybe New Years baby!!….seasons greeting:)

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