Hey Fiddle Diddle

We are super enjoying our fiddling lessons!  Before we moved I was given a violin from friends of Grae’s parents.  It had a very “dead” sound and after a look over I realized it was cracked. The bow was usable.  Our landlords left a violin in the house, which they said I could have in exchange for getting a bathroom fan fixed! The bow isn’t usable.  I moved a part off the cracked fiddle onto the “new” one and voila!  A decent violin that is better than any of the rentals I’ve had!  Zach is cruising along, learning new tunes each week. I’m learning some harmony to play along with him.  And since I now have an instrument and Gabe decided he didn’t want to take lessons until he’s worked with me longer first, I’m getting lessons!  Feeling inspired these days….. love fiddling….. so much so that I sometimes feel like I’m neglecting my kids!  Or I play until Zach says, “Mommy, can I please practice now?”  This is after he’s pulled out his instrument and played along for a while.  Anyway…… just wanted to give a little music update.  We have a good teacher and I’m really excited about gaining some musical ground these days.  Have lots of ideas of things we can work on as a family and personally………

I’m tired, hence the rambling.  I’m off to bed.  I’ll try to get a video up of Z fiddling sometime soon.  One other thing to say…. today while I had my lesson Noah sat on the floor keeping rhythm on one of our drums.  We’ve always said he’ll be the drummer!

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3 Responses to Hey Fiddle Diddle

  1. grandma betty says:

    glad that you got some use out of the violin after all—heard about adrian banging into equipment and showing everyone his smooth moves—is your tree up?????? talk to you over the holidays–me

  2. Stacey says:

    Good for you Angela. Fiddling is a lot of fun. You must enjoy all the music in your house!

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