Fossil Replicas

Z wanted to make fossil imprints in clay.  He had a few ideas for what kind of a project he wanted to do, but he wasn’t happy with the initial results.  I suggested making molds out of modeling clay and then casts from Plaster of Paris.  


First we pressed the modeling clay tightly into the bottom of empty plastic containers.


Next, using fossils we collected in the fall, they made imprints in the modeling clay.


We mixed up a small batch of Plaster of Paris and poured it into the molds.


And waited.


Once set, we popped the mold and cast out of the container.


They separated easily from each other with impressive results.


Z immediately took his casts downstairs to the painting table and began his work.


And here are his fossil replicas!  He is very happy with them and has intentions for mass production.  Well, not exactly “mass” production, but he wants to have a Fossil Party in the spring – inviting all the kids in the neighborhood.  He plans to hide these casts and have everyone hunt for them.  Everyone will get to keep one.  So he wants to make sure he has enough for this.


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One Response to Fossil Replicas

  1. grandma betty says:

    great job to everyone who participated–they look fantastic-hope you also enjoyed the donuts—-grand,ma b

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