Almost Alone

Grae decided to take the three big boys to the tree farm today. After a brief internal struggle, I decided to stay home. As much fun as I knew it would be I was craving some time “alone” – some time for thought without intrusion, some time to not talk.  It crossed my mind that I would have a lazy day, put my feet up, read, relax.  Instead I found myself devoting the day to other tasks – reorganizing for the ever changing sleeping arrangements, moving the nature collections off of the boys’ cluttered desks to a devoted nature display (a bedroom dresser), filling a box for the thrift store, pulling out bigger clothes for Noah, finding games and “jobs” for Noah to do as he followed me around, getting a new “easy bread” recipe started, washing laundry, preparing a room for an au pair….. and what have you.  I was even able to listen to some of Oliver Sack’s Musicophilia which I have out from the library on audio book right now.  I thought that it would be a good way to get some more “books” into my head while exercising my auditory listening skills.  However, I am beginning to think that audio books (at least adult oriented ones) and a house full of kids just don’t mix!  So it was a treat to be able to listen to some today without anyone talking to me about dinosaurs, evolution, planetary motion, cell biology, dogs, egypt, book authoring and illustrating plans, or rocks!  Noah makes some noise and says some words, but I can still be attentive to the story and to him at the same time.  Anyway, before I bore you any more with the details of my day I will say this.  The boys came home after dark, smoky smelling and exhausted.  They regaled me with stories of bonfires, straw bale mazes, zip lines, pony rides, marshmallows, cookie decorating (and eating!), and much more!   After pizza and baths and some reading by Daddy (Alice in Wonderland) they all fell fast asleep.  They opted out of reading by Mommy tonight (Tom Sawyer) in order to have a very long bath.  Keeping Noah up from his naps seems to be working to get him to sleep at a decent bedtime.  The only trouble is that his cold (he perpetually has a cold – from one to the next) is waking him up at night.  I really enjoyed my day with him alone!  



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