Installment Three

On the day we were leaving we went to a friend’s for breakfast.  Graeme was able to come too, since he was finished work.  We had a lovely breakfast and I got to taste “my” pig. (I was on a list to get a pig raised by someone I knew.  When we moved I had to cancel it because it wasn’t going to be ready in time.  My friend was on the waiting list and she ended up getting a pig.  I teased her that she got “my” pig.)  Then we spent some time outside sliding and checking out the chickens, sheep, and dual-purpose cattle.





Departure airport.

Arrival airport.


We were picked up by  friends who kept the van for us while we were away.  We had a nice dinner with them before driving home.  

Is it nice to be home?  Well, we have mixed feelings.  Knowing that some other great friends just moved here while we were away was a big help!  We are looking forward to spending time with them over the next while.   

We are very thankful to the couple with whom we stayed while away.  They repeatedly and generously open up their home to our big family, making us feel welcome, at home, comfortable, and well fed!  We can’t express enough to them how much we appreciate their kindness.  They are very special people with big hearts.  A couple of times the boys slipped and nearly called one or the other Grandpa or Grandma.  I like the idea of having another set of grandparents – local grandparents – when we move back!  We couldn’t find better adopted grandparents!  So R and D, if you happen to read this – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  You are great! After ten days of having us in their home they weren’t even opposed to the idea of us returning if G has another locum there.  

You know the saying “home is where the heart is”?  Well, we definitely feel at home up there.  We all felt it.  We are Northerners.  It’s in our blood.  But more than that, we like the proximity to family.  And the people – what a great community of people – we have found!  Seeing many of our friends made me miss it up there even more.  It makes it a little difficult getting back and getting motivated.  That was compounded by the fact that Ben threw up the day after we were home.  Then I felt sick – nauseous, headachy.  Today it’s Gabe.  It had been a week since Noah was sick until Ben got it, so I thought we were in the clear.  I guess not.  But thankfully it didn’t fill up our whole trip and thankfully it didn’t happen on the day we traveled.  I really hope we didn’t spread it to everyone we were in contact with.  Anyway, we’re back here now and I am happy to be living with my husband.  I have no regrets there.  I just really want to put energy into my days here and not think of them so much as another transition.  Life is a transition.  I can’t wait around for some final stasis before I live it.  I feel better already now that my energy is normal and  the pounding and throbbing in my head is gone.  But I have to admit, some days I find it hard to invest time and energy into life here. (I don’t mean the day to day necessities.  The kids keep me busy and we are always learning new and exciting things. I’m talking bigger picture…. gardens, landscaping, community, farming, trail-making, trail-blazing, organizing group activities, etc.)  After a few days up north I felt so inspired, so motivated, so ready to get involved, so eager to contribute, to build, to teach, to share, to learn, to connect.  There are things I can get excited about here, though, and those things need to be my focus.  What can I get excited about?  Having a present and available husband/father, friends that just moved here, finding property, learning to speak French, finding an au pair to help us do that, planning how to build a house, exploring, utilizing a fantastic public library, getting free and discounted Usborne books.  There’s a start.

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