Installment One


The morning that we left on our big trip, we first went to a local gem and mineral show.  The boys got to pan for gold (above), and keep a little fleck of real gold taped to a card.  Zach has been wanting to learn how to pan for gold for ages and it was on our list of things to do last summer, but I got busy with the move.  We were convinced there was gold in our back creek.  Hopefully our next creek will have some gold in it!  At the gem and mineral show they each got to go into a “mine” and take out three rocks each to keep.  There was some fossil fish digging going on and below is a picture of Gabe post-dig.  (I’m going to try to find out where I can order one from.  They are from Green River, Wyoming, and they are much more challenging to dig than the plastic dinosaur bones set in plaster!)



Here’s the crew in the airport after dropping off four piece of luggage, two car seats, and two boosters.   Our already-late flight was delayed slightly and there were some gate changes, but everything went very smoothly.


After a couple days in our Heart City (I’ll call it that now, because it’s where all of our hearts are) we went on a road trip to visit my family. (G stayed behind because he was there to work.)  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Noah started throwing up on the way there.  He was toast for a few days.  


The other boys had a great time.  Zach spent a day piling brush and lighting fires with Grandpa.  Both big boys spent an evening in a deer stand.  Zach went out another morning with Grandpa to the deer stand and they got a young buck.



There was a lot of wild playing with three big uncles to goof off with!  


Check out Noah in the foreground.  This is how he spent almost the whole visit.


Gabe loves driving so I was glad when he helped Uncle Stephen with the firewood and got to do some driving.  Not being able to let Gabe drive the last stretch home is on my list of things I miss about living here.

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One Response to Installment One

  1. grandma betty says:

    looks as if you all had a good time—-love to everyone—grandad is here now for his birthday and Christmas—weather is great—-me

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