A Little Update

Our journey up north went very smoothly.  The day of travel was a long one.  Partly because we went to a gem and mineral show before we left.  (It was very cool, though. Definitely worth it.)  Our already late flight was delayed a bit, but everything went as well as it can possible go with that many kids, suitcases, and car seats!  The boys all enjoyed the flight.  Nobody slept.  Thankfully Noah and Ben both had a good nap on the drive to the airport.  By the time we collected our baggage and got to the house with kids tucked in bed it was 1:00am.  Everyone slept in.  Hallelujah!

It’s funny how we feel up here: at home.  Even though we don’t have a house.  But we are so well taken care of in the home in which we are staying, and thankful for that.

Yesterday I drove to my home town with the boys.  We had to stop first for Ben to poop in the bush and next when Noah started vomiting out of a dead sleep.  Poor guy!  It was everywhere – his clothes, every part of his car seat, under the car seat.  Yes… fun trying to clean up with limited resources.  He did another much smaller one, and then I was just praying we’d get to Mom and Dad’s before the next.  We did, and then he threw up a few more times.  So far everyone else is healthy.  I’m wondering if he found some gross thing to eat from under the car seat cover.  I’m hoping it was that and not something contagious.

All my siblings were here last night so that was fun!  Mom wanted pictures of the five of us together so we got those.  The three uncles and my three big boys were pretty wild in here last night!  Good times.  Zach is out in the tree stand with Dad right now.  Both big boys went to the stand right after we arrived yesterday (after building a fire first).  Today they’ve been hauling brush, lighting fires, hauling firewood, driving trucks, and hunting.  I’ve been hanging out inside with my poor little Noah (still not feeling so great).  Tonight I’m doing my first Usborne book show at a friend’s! 

That’s all the news for now.

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4 Responses to A Little Update

  1. grandma betty says:

    ah yes—-vomiting in the car—reminds me of travelling with Graeme when he was young—-sounds like a tough time for both of you–hope Toby is feeling better and that you have a better trip back—me

  2. Barbara says:

    I have to say that I have enjoyed your blog page or what ever it is called. I was just looking for a way to make Borax crystal snow flakes for our Christmas tree and your page came up….thank you so much for the pictures. We home school. The girls and I am off to have some fun.

    Here out in Alberta.


  3. Barbara says:

    Oh, by the by “Expelled” is wrapped and under the tree by special request from my hubby for Christmas….am really looking forward to watching it.

  4. Meagan says:

    How did your Usborne book show go? I love those books, Graham reads “Say please Louise” often, and I want to get him “don’t be greedy, Graham”….appropriate.

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