Two Big Canyons; Two Vastly Different Time Frames

Flood on Mars Caused Instant Grand Canyon, Researchers say.

“Imagine more than five times the volume of water in the Great Lakes being released in a single flood and you’ll have a sense of the scale of this event,” said Irwin, the first author of a study appearing in the journal Science.

The force and volume of the water was enough to carve a valley 6,900 feet (2,070 meters) deep and 550 miles ( 885 kilometers) long within a matter of months, he said.

Grand Canyon on Earth took Millions of Years.

The story goes that the rock, formed by sediments (which by the way, are laid down by water), were lifted up into a mountain range of Himalayan proportions, these eroded into a plain, were raised again into a second mountain range, which after millions of years of natural forces again wore away. Sinking again, the inland sea covered the area, thus depositing the “primitive” shellfish. These were fossilized in shale and time (lots and lots of it) passed and again the area was raised into a higher plateau. Finally, the Colorado River started chewing away at it and after millions of years reached the older rocks a mile down.

It is interesting to note that the uplifting of the Grand Canyon supposedly happened hundreds of millions of years after the sediments were deposited. This should have been plenty of time for the sediments to become rock. Yet the evidence of the strata extending 400 km into eastern Arizona, at least 1,600 m lower in elevation, indicates:

…..that the sediments were soft and unconsolidated when they bent. Instead of fracturing like the basement did, the entire layer thinned as it bent. The sand grains show no evidence that the material was brittle and rock-hard, because none of the grains are elongated.1 Neither has the mineral cementing the grains been broken and recrystallized. Instead, the evidence points to the whole 1,200-m (4,000-ft) thickness of strata being still ‘plastic’ when it was uplifted. In other words, the millions of years of geologic time are imaginary. This ‘plastic’ deformation of Grand Canyon strata dramatically demonstrates the reality of the catastrophic global Flood of Noah’s day.


There is plenty of evidence supporting the Biblical worldview of how the Grand Canyon and other canyons and gorges.  But I’m getting off topic.  I know that the Mars Flood is old news, but somehow Zach and I got on the topic today.  I can’t help but find it a little amusing (or mystifying) that the “Grand Canyon” on Mars, deeper and longer than Earth’s, was carved in months.  Yet we are taught that our own Grand Canyon took millions and millions of years.   

We all look at the same evidence.  But depending on our worldview and the presuppositions we begin with, we see two very different things.

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One Response to Two Big Canyons; Two Vastly Different Time Frames

  1. spiritualway says:

    You are right; we observe, study and reflect on the same basic evidence, but our worldviews determine how we internalize this evidence and create the stories we live by.

    For example, I see a myth story called Noah’s Flood created from a massive natural flood at the end of an Ice Age that changed a glacier lake to the Black Sea in less than two years and others see a Divine world flood that destroyed all of mankind (except Noah and his family).

    This story (Noah’s Flood) attests the power of our stories as it has lasted some 8,000 to 10,000 years and had profound influence on the direction of humans and how we live our lives.

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