Photo Heavy Post


Jaska pulled out one of his stitches and that area reopened.  Graeme stitched him back up and now we keep a sock over his foot.  He leaves his bandage alone with the sock over it.  All his trips outside include first covering his foot with a plastic bag and rubber bands.  


Jaska’s straw bale house is getting covered in snow, more each day, and is unused.  He’s house bound and the better his foot feels he more he wants to bound around in the fresh snow.  He is such a winter dog.  He loves the snow.  It’s hard to keep him calm and careful on his foot. Yesterday we sewed him this new bed and filled it with straw.  He does use it but not us much as I’d hoped.  He’s taken to trying to sneak onto beds. As much as I love him I just don’t want him in the beds! 

Gabe has been wanting to learn to sew so he finally got a little start.  Hopefully we’ll do some more projects soon, like the leopard costume that I’ve had the fabric for for oh… a couple of years at least.


Busy reading.


Zach playing his fiddle amidst the chaos.  After practicing in this family they should be able to play through any type of distraction!  We found a new fiddle teacher and Zach and Gabe are both taking lessons. 


The usual snow-eating that happens outside.


These guys are trying to come up with a plan to get the ice off the deck.


A few mornings ago we got our winter tires on (just in time – it’s been snowing ever since), dropped some stuff off at Salvation Army and were given a coupon.  We went in and didn’t end up buying enough to use the coupon but we did get these soldiers and a $5.99 pair of skates for Zach.  


DSC_0045.jpg    DSC_0044.jpg

Ben is mass producing bowls using his chin for a press!




Toby finds out that tempura paint doesn’t taste so great.



I might not be posting for a little while.  Just a heads up.  But then again.  I might be.

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One Response to Photo Heavy Post

  1. Meagan says:

    So what is Ben doing with his chin bowls? Hmmmm….endless possibilities.

    Zach’s paintings are better than anything I could do! What a talent that child has.

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