Grinding Grain

Friends loaned us this grain mill while they are in the process of moving. Here is Zach grinding some wheat.


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One Response to Grinding Grain

  1. Andrea says:

    Can I use this photo on a youtube video or at least on my blog? Hmmm? Pretty please? I will tell you what the video is about: how distanced we are from our food.

    I demonstrate how you can roll your own oats–which is what we do here–and how this actually helps to promote good eating habits… just consider Sarah in biblical times grinding the wheat between two stones… be they did not hork down loads of bread at one meal!

    Anyway, I try to drive that point home and then I pull out my power tools and use the electric drill to roll my oats a bit faster (come on, give a mom of 5 kids a break, this has to be a legitemate short cut, right?). So your picture would be a perfect visual for this theme…

    What do you say?

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