Amazon(.ca) Pirate Ship

It was Ben’s idea.  He wanted a pirate ship.  He had in mind a ship that he could fit into, but he was happy with this creation.  Everyone busied themselves: toilet paper roll food barrels, tin foil anchor, twine ropes, strawberry basket crow’s nest.  Then they played with it for the rest of the afternoon and evening. 



This morning Zach and Gabe got to work sewing the sails.  We are planning to rig them up so that they can be raised and lowered.



It makes me wonder why we have any toys.  I’d way rather spend our time building something like this instead of using up all my time cleaning up messes made by toys lying around.  It’s skill building, team building, fun, and when they tire of the toy it’s recyclable!

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One Response to Amazon(.ca) Pirate Ship

  1. grandma betty says:

    great pirate ship everyone—looks as if it was a lot of fun to do too—-the butter looked yummy all the way from here–hope all are well and happy–me

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