It’s Picture Time


Clay tablets for heiroglyphsDSC_0001.jpg

Fashioning clay tablets to carve Egyptian hieroglyphics into.


Out on a walk.



Clearing brush on a new trail.  He worked diligently at it while the rest of us played around.  


Drawing and labeling farm things in French.  More on Le Blog.


Heading for the mud.




Racing back to the mud with garden trowels for canal and damn building.

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2 Responses to It’s Picture Time

  1. grandma betty says:

    ccute pics of the kidlets–obviiously I got on ok–thanx for the info—keep having fun in Londing

  2. Meagan says:

    I love when you post photos, you are such a natural photographer. Noah in his overalls is precious, it reminds me of how Ben was at that age (from what I remember anyway). The 4 boys in the leaves is good too. Funny though…Gabe is the only one really smiling, he looks so happy.

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