Butter Stinkers

One day I plan to churn our butter. Whenever I’m at my parents’ place and see the butter churn sitting there I long to have some good quality cream to churn! When I was young my mom used to churn butter from our cows and I still have a lingering memory of the superior taste! Throughout my life I have been picky about milk because of the deliciously fresh cows milk we were accustomed to as children. When I was fourteen and went to Switzerland I loved the milk and butter. It had a sweet, rich nostalgic taste.  A free-range, grass-fed cow flavor.  I drank gallons.

During my ongoing reading of Fat I have decided to purchase the highest quality cream I can find and make a small batch of butter. (Hopefully I’ll pick some up tomorrow.)  Even if I only do it this once until we get set up with our own goats (and possible a Jersey cow?) I’ll be happy. 

Here is a little butter trivia for you from Fat.

When the Japanese first encountered Europeans, they were disgusted by their smell.  Europeans ate large amounts of animal fat, giving them a different body odor, which the Japanese found very offensive. Believing butter was the cause, the Japanese derisively called all Europeans bata-kusai, or butter stinkers. During the last century the term bata-kusai was also used pejoratively in Japan to describe people or objects that were obnoxiously Western in style. With the rise and acceptance of American culture, however, the term has dropped out of common usage.


Mmmm….. butter! I’m glad that I can eat it without any of the usual ill-effects of eating cow dairy! Goat butter is hard to come by and very expensive.

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3 Responses to Butter Stinkers

  1. Elena says:

    Maybe I’ve spent too many of the last 16 years changing diapers, but my mind flashed on an entirely different definition when I first read the title of this post! 😀

    I know one good way to churn butter. Start out intending to make whipped cream and then get distracted a bit too long! Works every time… 😉

    p.s. I am one of those who believes that toast is just an excuse to eat butter. I’ll take any excuse I can get!

  2. Joanna says:

    Hey, one of the girls I work with has a family dairy farm down south somewhere. I can’t remember the name of the town, but I will ask her and if it’s close to London maybe you can get some fresh from the farm cream!!


  3. Meagan says:

    Butter….sweet butter. I used to eat handfuls of it as a young child (when mom wasn’t looking). It’s one of my earliest memories. I don’t know that I’ve ever had fresh butter though…I’ll just have to live through you about the taste!

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