Come on, be honest….

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4 Responses to Come on, be honest….

  1. el burro says:

    I shower on average, once a day, but only because I like my hair looking a certain way. If I had hair that looked good in the morning, I’m certain that I would have answered “every coupla days”

    On the topic, did you know that in 1908, women washed their hair on average, once a month?

    I’m loving the polls!

  2. goodbean says:

    I’d rather not say… in light of my own recent comments, I could get myself into trouble 😉

  3. Angela says:

    I did not know that about the women of 1908.

    Did you know that the longest I’ve gone without washing my hair is nine days? It was a contest with a coworker and a boss. I will let my “boss” (whom I now call friend) identify herself here if she so wishes. I think she washed her hair after four days. My coworker and I both caved at nine. But she had me beat anyway. She had gone six weeks without washing hers on a canoe trip.

  4. Andrea says:


    When I moved to Europe I went native… stopped shaving!!!

    And when I return to Canada, then I can braid the hair in my pits!!!

    And it bothers me not!!!

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