Pass the Fat

Fat, by Jennifer McLagan is one of the latest books I am enjoying.  It caught my eye in a Globe and Mail article a while back. 





Here are a couple of small excerpts:


We need to stop and think about what we are eating and why. Animal fat was an important part of our diet until quite recently. Our experiment with reducing it hasn’t made us healthier, and it has robbed our food of taste. Human nutrition is complex, and no two bodies function in the same way, but for the majority of us, eating animal fat isn’t the death sentence we have been led to believe. Rather, there are many health benefits associated with eating good animal fats. […..] Fear of fat is instilled into our consciousness, and we are a generation that knows everything about olive oil but has no idea what good butter tastes like, let alone what to do with lard or suet.

This is not simply a cookbook. These pages are larded with the history and culture of fat, exploring how fat has entered our language and literature, our economies large and small, and the fabric of our daily lives. Fat is indispensable and delicious. We should celebrate it, cook with it, eat it, and enjoy it without guilt.

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3 Responses to Pass the Fat

  1. goodbean says:

    Did you ever read “Real Food”, by Nina Planck? It’s awesome.

  2. Angie says:

    No. Neither the library here or at “home” has it.

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