Ultimate Insult for a Bush Kid

(Gabe is a jaguar, Toby is a snow leopard, Zach is a Tiger, I am a clouded leopard, and Ben is a “dragon that I made up”…. he did it himself.)


 The last day of October, going to a costume party, and as usual we haven’t even discussed costumes.  Gabe says (this morning), “Couldn’t you sew me a leopard costume?”  Because he knows we have the fabric for it.  We’ve had it for two years now.  Ah… how I would love to whip up a leopard costume…. just after I whip up the chili we are taking to the party, pack all the jackets for every single season, mitts, hats, find the rubber boots, change diapers, wash dishes, scramble for lunch, walk the dog, help with school work, and what do you know?  No time to sew up a leopard costume.  Maybe I’ll have it ready for next year.  


So we went to a party an hour away.  We didn’t know anyone there, but we accepted an invitation through the homeschool group.  Jaska got to come too.  The big boys ran, ran, ran.  The little boys played around at various things, always within range of me.  By 9pm the little brothers were tuckered out.  Ben was asking to go home.  I got him in the van and put his pj’s on.  He wondered why Zach and Gabe never want to go when it’s time to go but he does.  I told him that when he’s older he probably won’t want to leave either.  He said he will always want to go home when it is time to go.  

Finally, all four boys and one dog back in the van.  Everyone was shouting goodbye.  I was thinking how great it was the kids had so much fun and everyone got along so well.  That’s when Gabe brought it up and then Zach started crying for about fifteen minutes about how the girl was calling him “city kid”. Sparing the details, I’ll just say he was very upset by this, and I can’t blame him. He’s had other insults hurled at him before and it’s been like water off a ducks back. Zach being told he’s “such a city kid”.  This bush chick wouldn’t want to be talked to like that. Call me ugly, call me a chicken, call me stupid, call me a weakling, but DON’T call me a city chick! As in most situations, there is a lesson (or lessons) to be learned.  So we talked about a lot of this stuff on the way home and he seemed a lot happier.  And he still wants to call them up and go back to play. Aside from that he had a blast.  They all did.

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4 Responses to Ultimate Insult for a Bush Kid

  1. el burro says:

    What great face painting! Sounds like a fun Halloween.

  2. Anna says:

    Aah poor Zach. My husband would really simpathize with him too….that would be about the worst thing you could call him…lol

  3. Anna says:

    I really have to learn to proof read before I send things….

  4. Donna Devenport says:

    I think that little girl has a crush on you and wanted your attention. Too bad she doesn’t know you get more bees with honey than with vinegar (or something like that)
    FYI David went to his first dance and someone thought he was a fashion boy. They couldn’t believe he was a hunting and fishing boy….whatever….he thought it was funny but inaccurate.

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