Story of the World

We’ve had all of the Story Of The World audio CDs (read by Jim Weiss) for quite a while, and we finally started listening to them on a regular basis after settling in here.  The big boys love them so much that I decided to order the Story Of The World  Activity Books that go along with them.  Having the activity books will save me the scouring of the internet for suitable maps to print at Zach’s request. The activity books also include coloring pages, word finds, crosswords, games, and other activities.  The parent/teacher section offers all kinds of additional ideas to incorporate into the lessons, and lists other resources that tie into each topic.  My mind is going as to all the other things that we can incorporate into this – math, writing, language, art, social studies, etc.   How long is the Nile River?  How many meters? kilometers? miles?  How long is that compared to the Saint Lawrence Sea Way?  (We are also all into Great Lakes Ecosystem Stuff right now too.)  

I highly recommend the Story of the World CDs, books, and activity books!

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4 Responses to Story of the World

  1. cathy says:

    Ok. I have a box. It has your name and address on it. I have the ivory. If all the stars align and with a little luck I will bring it to the post office tomorrow and mail it.

  2. Angie says:

    cool! Thanks again. The boys will be delighted. I’ll post when it arrives!

  3. el burro says:

    Thanks for this post Angie. I’d been meaning to get those books, but now I think CDs would be even more fun……the kids and I can do a little after-school homeschooling. I ordered the first two CD’s and the activity books. I’m thinking that Theo will really like the middle ages activities.

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